HughesNet Satellite High Speed Internet Promotion

If Cable or DSL high speed internet service isn't available in your area, you still have options. HughesNet Satellite internet service is the answer. HughesNet offers two home service payment options. The upfront plan allows you pay just $599.98 now, and then $59.99 per month for the remainder of your 15-month commitment. The promotional plan allows you to pay $99 up front then $99 monthly for fifteen months. After fifteen months, the promotional plan reverts to $59 a month for the remainder of your service. Sign up for HughesNet Satellite High Speed Internet Service. Hughes Satellite High Speed promotion details:
  • HughesNet Satellite High Speed from $59.99 a month* (Hurry, Ends Soon!)
  • Available anywhere that can see the southern sky
  • $0 and first month free after Up to $250 cash back!
  • Prices starting at $59.99/month
  • Free Wireless Router
  • Free MP3s, Video, and Photos
  • Business & Home Plans available
  • Up to 1Mbps downloads, Up to 200kbps uploads
  • Get 5 email accounts (2GB each)
  • Quick Installation in 5 - 10 business days
  • 24/7 Live Technical Support
  • *Terms and Conditions Apply. See site for details.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Service Information

Although most consumers agree that broadband Internet access greatly enhances every day life, some are not able to subscribe to high speed Internet access, because they live in remote or rural areas overlooked by other broadband Internet providers. HughesNet provides satellite Internet services for many of these areas, and also provides high speed Internet access alternatives to cable and DSL. Sign up for HughesNet.

DirecWay is now HughesNet

DIRECWAY has recently changed its name to HughesNet. HughesNet provides quality high speed Internet over satellite. With HughesNet, you get all the benefits of high speed Internet even if you live in a rural area where you cannot get DSL or cable. HughesNet is available nationwide.

HughesNet Satellite High Speed Features (not available in all areas)

The primary attraction of HughesNet is the ability to get high speed Internet access in any area, even those outside of normal service areas. You also get all of these great features with your home high speed Internet access plan:

  • Download speeds up to 700 Kbps, upload speeds up to 128 Kbps
  • 5 e-mail accounts with 2 GB of storage each
  • Spam and virus filtering
  • Live technical support