Cox High Speed Internet Promotion

Cox Communications offers cable Internet connections for your home or business. These cable connections are much faster and more reliable than dial-up connections, and just as fast as DSL connections. So getting information will be hassle-free. To find out if Cox High Speed Internet services are available in your area, visit the Cox High Speed site. Here are the Cox Broadband promotion details:

Cox High Speed Internet Service Information

Cox Communications Inc. provides a great high speed internet solution. As the third largest cable provider in the United States, with over 6.5 million customers, Cox has proven that they get it when it comes to internet service and support. In fact, their customer services is highly regarded in an industry with many high profile providers. We believe that Cox's dedication to customer support and network up time make's it a great choice for high speed service.

Cox High Speed Features (not available in all areas)

In addition to the ultra fast cable high speed connection provided by Cox, you'll also get multiple email addresses for your family, 70 MB of personal web space for your own site, a free modem, 24/7 technical support, and much more. You'll get all of this without tying up your phone line.