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Here is our list of the top cable internet service provider promotions. Cable internet is generally the fastest internet service you can get for your money. Recently DSL services have become more competitive when it comes to speed vs. monthly cost. Therefore, the following Cable providers have lowered their prices. Don't miss out on these cable internet promotions.

Cable Internet Information

Broadband Cable Internet

One of the major players in the high-speed Internet market is the cable Internet connection. Many Internet users are turning to cable because of the convenience, quality and efficiency. Cable modems are not distance sensitive, like their DSL counterparts, so your connection will be optimal no matter where you are located. They do not require much installation, unlike satellite and they provide an "always on" connection, so you never have to dial up and wait around.

How Broadband Cable Works

The cable Internet modem works in almost the same way your TV does, except that the end result is a Web page, not a TV program. The cable that brings programming into your television provides a set amount of storage or space for the programming to be transmitted through. This space is known as bandwidth and it is capable of carrying hundreds of programs or websites to the user. Now, each time you check your e-mail or click on a link to another website, it's almost like changing the channel on your TV.

Some of the main questions people have regarding any kind of high-speed Internet connection have to do with: speed, cost, reliability and security.

Speed - Cable modems can reach 10-20 Mbps, but they usually download slower than that, depending on how many users are logged on.

Cost - The cost for all of the equipment can range from around $100-$300 plus the monthly cost of the connection from your provider.

Reliability - Almost always a reliable connection. The main disadvantage of cable Internet connections, is the fact that one cable provides service to so many. When a lot of people are logged on at the same time, it causes the connection to be slower. However, this is rarely a significant problem.

Security - As with all Internet connections, a cable modem is not 100% secure. However, there are steps to ensure the most security possible. Using firewall software, having good password protection and turning off services that don't need to be running are good starting points.

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